‘Power plays plus push’: experts’ insights into the development and implementation of active tuberculosis case-finding policies globally, a qualitative study

This study highlighted the perceived need among experts for different types of evidence for ACF policy development and implementation, and for stakeholder engagement including researchers and policymakers to foster evidence use. Interviewees stressed the influence of government, donor and non-governmental…Read More »

Introducing Risk Inequality Metrics in Tuberculosis Policy Development

Global stakeholders including the World Health Organization rely on predictive models for developing strategies and setting targets for tuberculosis care and control programs. Failure to account for variation in individual risk leads to substantial biases that impair data interpretation and…Read More »

Tuberculosis Among Economic Migrants: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Risk of Poor Treatment Outcomes and Impact of a Treatment Adherence Intervention Among Temporary Residents in an Urban District in Ho Chi Minh City

This cross-sectional study evaluated WHO-defined TB treatment outcomes among economic migrants in an urban district of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. We measured the association of a patient's government-defined residency status with treatment success and loss to follow-up categories…Read More »

Factors Influencing Active Tuberculosis Case-Finding Policy Development and Implementation: A Scoping Review

Based on the studies included in the review, we know little about what impacts the development of policies for active case-finding, but we know a lot about what helps putting them into practice. Hopefully, this study can help explore active…Read More »

The role of active case finding in reducing patient incurred catastrophic costs for tuberculosis in Nepal.

The World Health Organization (WHO) End TB Strategy has established a milestone to reduce the number of tuberculosis (TB)- affected households facing catastrophic costs to zero by 2020. The role of active case finding (ACF) in reducing patient costs has…Read More »

Addressing social determinants to end tuberculosis

IMPACT TB's Tom Wingfield is the lead author of this article on TB and social determinants, published 24th March 2018 in The Lancet.Read More »

South Asia today: William Osler’s world with Antibiotics

Our IMPACT-TB co-investigator and leading Nepali ID researcher Professor Buddha Basnyat reminds us in a Lancet ID comment piece not to neglect the ancient wisdoms of infectious disease control in our quest for advanced solutions.Read More »

Tuberculosis in South Asia: a tide in the affairs of men

Professor Buddha Basnyat, Dr Maxine Caws and Dr Zarir Udwadia's article on Tuberculosis in South Asia, published 22nd March 2018.Read More »

Frequent transmission of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing lineage and positive selection for the EsxW Beijing variant in Vietnam

This study led by IMPACT TB PI Maxine Caws and Sarah Dunstan, looked at TB bacilli circulating in Ho Chi Minh City and identified hypervirulent strains with high transmisibility and broader host range. Published in Nature Genetics on 21st May…Read More »

Report on the Workshop for Sharing Experiences and Improving Management of TB Infection

IMPACT TB's Luan Vo, CEO and co-founder of Friends for International TB Relief, provides a report on the 'Workshop for Sharing Experiences and Improving Management of TB Infection' held 21-22 November 2017. Link to full pdf provided below.Read More »

Peer-reviewed article on the role and influence of good facilitation on the success of a policy dialogue

A facilitator “makes or breaks” a policy dialogue's success. In this qualitative study, published in the International Journal of Health Governance, Olivia Biermann and colleagues investigate the role and influence a facilitator has on the process and impact of a…Read More »

Op-ed piece on “Community-Based Tuberculosis Screening- a Double Edged Sword?

IMPACT TB’s PhD student Olivia Biermann from Karolinka Institutet describes the background behind her PhD project, and why it is a complex and challenging task to make and implement good active TB case finding policies… Read moreRead More »

Meeting report on IMPACT TB workshop Vietnam

IMPACT TB convened a workshop in partnership with the National Tuberculosis Programme of Vietnam and relevant stakeholders. The meeting was attended by representatives of the National TB Programme, World Health Organisation, TB Reach partnership (STOP TB), Clinton Health access Initiative…Read More »

Meeting report on IMPACT TB workshop Nepal

IMPACT TB convened a workshop in partnership with the National Tuberculosis Centre of Nepal and relevant stakeholders. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, Department of Health Services, World Health Organisation and relevant governmental and non-governmental…Read More »